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Gabo Kollár

Gabo Kollár

Variability Sommeliér

„Well back at secondary school, bartenders course was full, so they sent me to see sommeliers and BANG!“
Honestly? I couldn’t say which wine is my favourite! I like to discover new wine regions, grape varieties, styles and every day I fell in love to different one. It’s diversity is fascinating. At my Gordon Ramsay service I learned and experienced, that each moment of our life, each mood or feeling got it’s own wine. Tell me how are you, and I tell you what to pour into your glass. That’s my “Mood pairing“.

It’s not only the diversity, that fascinating me, but also the availability of wines. No one knows or talks about it. I will. You don’t need to spend thousands to find perfect wine for perfect moment. You don’t need to travel the world. Actually, you don’t need to leave Slovakia. Just make your way towards The Taste. And as the world is constantly changing, you might discover always something new at The Taste. That’s why you will find the largest offer of wines by the glass in Slovakia.