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Ivan Kuchár

Ivan Kuchár

Chef omen nomen

„Kuchár means a Cook in Slovakian, so what else should I became?“
Cooking got me really at early stage of my life. From my childhood I knew, that I am naturally born Chef. And Cook. With this surname, you must have sense of humour. That’s why I do cooking easily, honestly, without any fuss. When I’m preparing meals my hands are coordinated not by my brain, but by heart. Ideally when my heart is beating properly. That’s the reason why I hate hotel restaurants, that’s boring. My cooking heart need action, so I took some cardio lessons at the best restaurant in Bratislava – UFO, Paparazzi, Mama & Papa and at last at Rio restaurant. And I like to thing back to my best “personal trainer“ Martin Korbelič.

And how about The Taste? I do not want to cook for headchefs, competing on Instagram, or comparing the length of my… knife. I do want to cook for people and tuning them towards atmosphere, not towards my own ego. I found at The Taste a kitchen, that is created for the best. Maybe, because I set it up as I wanted to. Uff, now I feel my heart beating, let’s go cooking.

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