The Taste


Ivan Kuchár

Ivan Kuchár

Chef omen nomen

„Kuchár means a Cook in Slovakian, so what else should I became?“
Cooking got me really at early stage of my life. From my childhood I knew, that I am naturally born Chef. And Cook. With this surname, you must have sense of humour. That’s why I do cooking easily, honestly, without any fuss. When I’m preparing meals my hands are coordinated not by my brain, but by heart. Ideally when my heart is beating properly. That’s the reason why I hate hotel restaurants, that’s boring. My cooking heart need action, so I took some cardio lessons at the best restaurant in Bratislava – UFO, Paparazzi, Mama & Papa and at last at Rio restaurant. And I like to thing back to my best “personal trainer“ Martin Korbelič.

And how about The Taste? I do not want to cook for headchefs, competing on Instagram, or comparing the length of my… knife. I do want to cook for people and tuning them towards atmosphere, not towards my own ego. I found at The Taste a kitchen, that is created for the best. Maybe, because I set it up as I wanted to. Uff, now I feel my heart beating, let’s go cooking.

Grilled octopus, demi-glace flavoured lentils, chorizo, roasted garlic foam 150g


13,99 €

USDA Prime beef tartare, dried egg yolk, dehydrated capers, home-made bread 120g


16,99 €

Venison paté, quince purée, coffée jelly, cranberry, home-made focaccia bread 150g


9,99 €

Tempura oyster mushroom, roasted pumkin, cured beet, edamame bean, topinambour 150g


6,99 €

Slow-cooked game broth, root vegetables, pumpkin ravioli 0,33l


5,49 €

Chestnut cream, caramelised chestnut, brown butter, nuts, quince, truffle 0,33l


4,99 €

Baby lettuce salad, herb and red wine marinated chicken breast, dried egg yolk, iberico ham, parmesan and anchovies creamy dressing 250g


10,39 €

Bulgur wheat, quinoa, roasted pumpkin, duck breast, red wine dressing 250g


11,59 €

Saddle of venison, pumpkin and chestnut pie, shallot purée, sour cherries, game jus 200g


23,90 €

Topinambour risotto, truffle, brown butter 300g


13,90 €

Beef cheeseburger, aioli mayo, chilli, roasted onion, homemade chips 200g


13,50 €

Veal cheeks, black root, crispy shallots, jus 200g


19,99 €

Poached haddock, fennel velouté, taragon emulsion, dehydrated butter, yellow zucchini 200g


18,40 €

‘Duroc‘ pork belly, roasted plums, home-made potato croquette, black cumberland sauce, cranberry, cabbage chips 200g


13,90 €

Chicken supreme, sous vide, roasted chestnut sauce, rose hip jelly, turnip 200g


14,90 €

Home-made pasta, dried cherry tomatoes, chicken, baby spinach, champagne sauce 300g


12,49 €

USDA Prime beef fillet 100g


19,99 €

USDA Rib eye prime 100g


17,00 €

Homemade triple-cooked chips, herb salt 200g

2,99 €

Leaf salad mix, rocket, cherry tomatoes, pecorino, red wine dressing 200g

4,00 €

Truffle mash potatoes 200g


5,19 €

Grilled beetroot, balsamico, roasted black garlic, herbs 200g


3,00 €

Bluecheese and cognac sauce 50ml


2,00 €

Mild-spicy red wine sauce, plums 50ml


2,00 €

Homemade beef jus with truffle 50ml


3,99 €

Black pepper sauce 50ml


2,00 €

White chocolate, sallow-thorn berry, biscuit, cherry brandy, conifer sirup 150g


4,29 €

Hibiscus, yoghurt, white chocolate, meringue, lime jelly 150g


4,99 €

Slow-cooked red beet creamy soup, parmesan espuma, caramelized nuts, green horseradish

Veal cheeks, black root, crispy shallots, jus

(Pinot Noir barrique, suché, 2015, Miroslav Fondrk)

Duck breast, roasted carrot purée, dehydrated chocolate, red wine jus

(Svätovavrinecké barrique, suché, 2012, Terra Parna)

Chocolate mousse-raspberry, cocoa sponge, Prosseco jelly, raspberry sorbet

(Cabernet Sauvignon rosé, ľadové víno, sladké, 2015, Martin Pomfy)